Jun 22, 2023

JAXUSL provides update on women’s professional soccer on the First Coast

JAXUSL, Mayor-elect Donna Deegan and USL Super League leaders held a press conference Thursday to preview the addition of a women’s pro soccer team in Jax.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — We’re one day closer to professional women’s soccer coming to Jacksonville.

The JAXUSL, Mayor-elect Donna Deegan and USL Super League leaders got together in downtown Jacksonville Thursday to share more about their plans for the new team.

Jacksonville was chosen by the USL as one of twelve markets where teams will be coming starting in 2024.

Those with JAXUSL and the USL Super League say the United States is the best country in the world for women’s soccer and the sport itself is rapidly growing among young women so it’s a great time to build off that growth and push the sport forward.

“There’s nothing I think that brings the community together like sports. I think the fact that we have the Jaguars and now this first women’s professional team in soccer I think it’s a wonderful thing to be known for and every time that they step onto the field it’s going to be a commercial for Jacksonville and in such a positive way,” Mayor-elect Deegan said.

“The fandom but also the participation of girls soccer in this country is so vast but today there’s just nowhere for them to go so we’re changing that with the USL Super League,” USL Super League President Amanda Vandervort said.

The USL Super League will begin play in 2024 and Steve Livingstone with JAXUSL says they’re hoping to get a stadium built by 2025 or 2026 so the Jacksonville women’s pro soccer team can begin playing in the league.

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